Details Giant meat patty maker

Giant Meat Patty Maker


What's included: one giant meat Patty maker, one step by step instruction book, showing you how to make and cook the giant meat Patty.  At home in your kitchen or on the grill.

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Details Giant Meat Patty Maker

The giant meat Patty maker is designed, to make a giant meat Patty that you can actually eat. and cook with no problems.  You can buy this item separately y in our online store. All you need to do is make your own giant hamburger bun, or have your local Baker make one for you. With the giant meat Patty maker, you’ll be able to make the perfect giant meat patty every time.  If you're making your own giant hamburger bun, we recommend you order the giant hamburger bun recipe. Order it with your giant meat patty maker kit. the Giant bun recipe is sold in our online store.,

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